Trekking day around Estrecho de Gibraltar. Tarifa

Trekking day around Estrecho de Gibraltar. Tarifa

To spend my day off discovering this area is one of my faourite things to do. Sometimes I love to go for trekking. One of my old collegues showed me “La Colada del Estrecho” in February and I fall in love. Last week I showed the way to a friend. We really enjoyed the trekking day in Tarifa togueter.

The path is the old way to Algeciras from Tarifa around the coast. The rout starts in the port of Tarifa and finish in Guadalmesí Towel. For me, a person who love hiking from my childhood was very nice to see myself walking between Europe and Africa. The name of this beautiful área is La Caleta. The only way to hiking or ciclying around this way is with a moderate wind, it is even better if you choose a day with west wind.

All the way is full of small and rocky beaches where people practise diving, snorkel and fishing diving. This beautiful area is empty of people even in August so you can enjoy it all year!

After 5.5km aproximately there is a nice area to have lunch or talé a break, it is an old militar area with nicely views to Morocco.

Nowadays Guadalmesí towel is a bird watching place very important in Europe. This point of the way is located in Algeciras in the Natural Park of Strait of Gibraltar.

I reccommend a 100% to considerate this activity on your next visit to Tarifa. In the last picture you can see how the views change depends of the direction of the wind. That day East wind was really strong and you couldn´t see Morocco nicely.



María Estevez