Located on the eastern edge of the town of Barbate, at the foot of the route of the bull and with a population of about 1,000 inhabitants, its name is due to its seafaring past and tuna fishing, which was done with the famous traps (art fishing of the oldest of humanity). Its tuna activity dates back to the Phoenicians and the Romans.

Castle traps, which currently only still standing walls, was built in the sixteenth century by the Duke of Medina Sidonia to defend the traps and serving its interior for the preparation of canned tuna were caught on its shores. I also work in Miguel de Cervantes.

The main activity of the people has gone from fishing to tourism because of its wide beaches of pure, crystal clear waters, golden sand and its surrounding countryside and mountains. It is equipped with hotels, apartments and landscaped camping on the beach. Its landscape and the quality tourism have become a coveted spot for tourists from northern and central Europe.


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