White lime is linking with another village on the route north of the province through the Sierra de Cadiz, an abrupt course, tasty, green and exciting: the Route of the White Villages. In her stories survive what was the daily life of Al-Andalus: the urban layout of its streets, linked to growing oil economy, craft production of leather goods and fresh Andalusian recipes. A presence marked up in the name of most of the 19 villages that make up the route: Benamahoma, which means the house of Mohammed, Alcalá (the Castle), Algar (the cave), Zahara (strength).

But the Berber heritage is mixed in this territory Roman roads, the Christian invasions, the conquerors of America, the arrival of the French troops, legends of brigands and sleepers a train that never arrived and today is the Greenway Sierra de Cadiz.

Another of the most pronounced characteristics of the White Towns of Andalusia is the existence of a rich archaeological heritage that ranges from 250,000 years ago to the present. The use of water and oil production, meanwhile, have generated a high hydraulic engineering equity which highlights the mills, oil mills and other buildings.

And so much history happens in a declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the Grazalema Mountains, where most of the rainfall, populated with many caves and canyons as surprising as the Garganta Verde recorded Iberian Peninsula landscape. A landscape that seems impossible to so few kilometers from the beach.


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