Silvia has been an enthusiastic practitioner of all forms of yoga, their work is based on modern therapeutic movement to the lineup as Anusara and Sridaiva approaches.
In a relaxed and playful atmosphere she creates balanced, creative and fluid sequences (Vinyasa), a catalyst for the transformation of the old patterns. His style of yoga encourages self – observation and intuition and invites you to follow the natural rhythm of your body, your mind and your breathing.

I’m glad to share my love for Yoga with you!

Private tuition Group tuition · Tarifa Yoga in nature · Workshops Tantra Yoga retreats and dancing · All levels are welcome!

Class schedule at the Hurricane hotel:
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday : 11.30-13.00


Our Address:

Ctra. N 340 Km. 78. Tarifa


36.01886281847974, -5.606176199173319