Spin Out, the biggest watersports center in Tarifa, was the first school in this precious bay, established over 25 years ago, when very few people used to know it. We are located in the middle of the Natural Park of the Strait of Gibraltar, surruonded by uncontaminated nature, with its distintive flora and fauna, famous for the beauty of its dunes, continually beeing shaped by the wind, for the ever changing colours of water, sand and sky and for the panoramic views of the african continent, clearly standing on the other side of the Strait, as visible as the opposite shore of a lake. It is fascinating and charming every visitor; in fact, those who have the chance to visit Tarifa, tend to return regularly.

The wind blows almost every day, with different speeds and sailing conditions, depending on its direction; Poniente and Levante are the main winds, the first beeing side-on, normally between three and five Beauforts, and the second side-off shore, usually stronger, up to nine Beauforts, in some cases. The safety of users is allways garanteed, thanks to the particular shape on the bay, which makes it allways possible to get back to the shore.

We provide best quality equipments from the top brands Gaastra and Tabou, which is annually renewed; you will allways find equipment avalaible for you at our center, both if you are a student at any level, or if you are experienced windsurfers, whatever style you prefer to sail with: freeride, freewave, wave or freestyle. We have a big range of material, in order to be ready for every possible wind condition in Tarifa.

Our teachers are all experienced and certified and they have different nationalities, like french, german, italian and spanish, and they all speack english, too. In summer season, we can also provide windsurfing lessons in portugues, dutch and polish. We organize groups per level, according to the wind forecasts, with maximum four people, giving all possible suggestions to our students, so that they can enjoy their experience at the best. During most of the year, we are able to give lesson in a small lagoon, when the ocean is too rough, which is perfect for beginners and children, since it provides very safe and confortable conditions, making their first steps in windsurfing very easy and satisfying.



Our Address:

Ctra. N 340. Km. 75,5. Tarifa


36.0674657201, -5.68401998606