Tarifa Air Force – Kitesurf School Windsurfing, SUP and Surf in Tarifa (Cádiz). It offers courses, accommodations and above all…. good experiences!

To make a course Kitesurfing, Windsurfing or Paddle Surf no matter your age or physical condition, even he is having had experience in similar sports. Kitesurfing is very easy to learn!. You can make your kite course with your friends, or if you come alone or with a partner, we looked for a group with which to learn, enjoy and share laughs with your school team Kitesurf Tarifa Air Force!!

¿What is good about the courses with TARIFA AIR FORCE?
You’ll learn before anyone Kite
You’ll get the 100% your class time on the beach

We have qualified instructors IKO
Of different nationalities, so you can take your classes in the language you prefer

Personal attention!
Our group courses have a maximum of 4 people per monitor.

Prices that set us apart from the rest
With us always paid at the end, depending on the number of hours of course the price of the hour is cheaper, so we always offer start the first day, see if you hooked and then go continuing and deciding day by day . After completion of the course we add the total hours always taking the most economical rate 🙂


Our Address:

Pol. La Vega N. 205. Tarifa


36.025889837109, -5.6111451927386