We are a team of experienced professionals to join our knowledge, interrelate and put them to work to meet the needs of your business. That is our vocation and that is our commitment.

If you are looking for an effective service of Legal Counsel, Labor, Tax, Accounting and International Business Consultants in Rogaro will find specialized professionals to meet their needs. Because we are a team of lawyers, economists and experts in labor law specialists adapt to the needs of each client.

It distinguishes us from other law firms involvement and active participation of team members in each of our functions. Our goal is to offer real help, make necessary, guide their doubts and anticipate future steps so that you can focus on your business with confidence and security.

Among our Spanish and foreign customers are small, medium businesses and freelancers a wide range of sectors.

We are at your service in our offices in Marbella, to provide personalized response that you expect.

Consulting Tax, Labor and Accounting – Insurance Brokerage.


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