At the Radikite school we work to provide you with the best kitesurfing experience in Tarifa. We have a wide range of kitesurf courses to adapt to your level or needs: initiation, complete, private, group … But we also give you the option to customize your own course, so you can choose the hours and days that you I would like to receive kite lessons.
Learn kitesurfing in the best conditions.

Our goal is your fun, we want to share with you the passion for this sport and infect you with the enthusiasm that characterizes us. But we also want you to learn and do it in the best conditions. We are professionals in the teaching of kitesurfing, graduated by the IKO, the international kiteboarding organization. The material included in the courses is state-of-the-art and of reference marks. And we ensure that the practice of kitesurfing is carried out with all the necessary safety conditions.


Our Address:

Calle Mar Adriático 14. Tarifa


36.023033094105, -5.611498880223