Grab your one week, pack your bags and attack!
Why would you do a Kitesurf course with us?
Because it’s your opportunity for fun, comfort and good price! This course allows you to discover a full week of class, the world of Kite, meet people like you who are dying to try it out.  Break your routine, enjoy this amazing natural environment and get finally started in this sport!  Begin to get rid of stress, have fun and best of all … feel what it is to ride!
Activity duration: 6 Days and 6 Nights.
* 6 days of Guaranteed fun with your kite course.
3h/day Group kite Course.
3h/day Semiprivate kite Course.
2h/day Private Kite Course.

What is so good about our courses?

Liability insurance.
Transport to the beach where the activity takes place.
Complete kite boarding equipment, harnesses, helmets, vests, Billabong wetsuits and Slingshot (Boards + Kites) for all sizes and conditions that may happen at Tarifa.
The kind of equipment you learn is 50% of your progress in this sport! We renew our kite equipments every season, so you will always learn with the most innovate kites and board in the market and always in a perfect condition!
* 6 Nights of accommodation in one of our most charming Hostel with  good vibes from Tarifa’s “Tarifa Kite Hostel”
This accommodation is located in the center of Tarifa. This is the entertainment area of the town; there are many typical restaurants with music, traditional bars and pubs close to the hostel. The famous and beautiful Tarifa beach, with its views to Africa, its white sand dunes, and turquoise waters are a just a few meters from the hostel. A true wonder…

Group Kite Course and Accommodation               480 €

Semiprivate Kite Course and Accommodation           640 €

Private Kite Course and Accommodation            700 €

Will you stay in town with these prices under your nose?

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