Cross Training
Working strength and fitness using functional exercises, using different methodologies and performing them at high intensity. You will perform exercises weightlifting, strongman, gymnastics, metabolic in different ways in order to improve your fitness in a comprehensive and fun way.

If you want to get a general training that covers all your body muscles, have a good intensity and also fun to be always accompanied by a good musical base, undoubtedly the Global Training is a great choice.

body Mind
Pilates, yoga meditation and everything you need to put your mind and body fit and at peace with yourself. Start practicing today and discover all the benefits that these classes can bring you.

Trail Running
“Abandon the road” you know that Tarifa is a natural, full of trails between trees, rivers and beaches paradise. enjoy nature with us in this activity for all levels, routes between 5 and 8 km for beginners and up to 15 km for the most advanced.


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