To speak of Cadiz and its province we go back to antiquity, to the Phoenician era, when it was founded as Gadir by the Phoenicians. And since small in this province we hear of legends, stories of gods and myths, names resonances sea. Atlantis is the name of a legendary island disappeared into the sea, mentioned and described for the first time in texts of the Greek philosopher Plato. The precise description of the texts of Plato and the fact that they repeatedly assert that this is a true story, has led, over the centuries, many theories about its location is proposed, however, has registered that the legend may have been inspired by a distant background of historical reality, linked to a natural disaster like a flood could be a great flood, probably a tsunami or an earthquake.

In Plato’s texts is counted as the Athenians stopped the advance of the Atlanteans inhabitants of a large island called Atlantis located opposite the Pillars of Hercules, today the Strait of Gibraltar. According to mythology, the god Poseidon was master of the island, his son Atlas (or Atlante) named the island and the ocean that surrounded his twin brother Gadiro ruled the end of the island that extends from the Columns Heracles to the region, possibly by derivation of its name, Gadeiras, Greek name of the existing islands archipelago which currently make up the Bay of Cadiz was called.

They are so many legends and stories! To Manuel de Falla, Cadiz musician of the twentieth century, was inspired by the underwater city to compose a musical work Atlantis will occupy the last 20 years of his life, in his words, “Atlantis existed within me since the years childhood. In Cadiz, my hometown, I was offered the Atlantic through the Pillars of Hercules and my imagination flew into the most beautiful garden of the Hesperides “…

Finally they just give out a program of the National Geographic that there may be evidence of its location under the Doñana marshes; according to their findings, narrated in a special documentary broadcast for television, Atlantis with its distinctive circular design was located northwest of Cadiz.

And we have other stories to tell, like Argantonio (670-550 aCaprox.), It was last king of the kingdom of Tartessos, the Phoenician Melkart, later Heracles in Greek times to the Roman Hercules and his twelve labors, and the goddess Astarte, Melqart wife, who was chasing until he got to marry her and that was his undoing. She represented the cult of mother nature, life and fertility, and the exaltation of love and carnal pleasures. Over time it became a goddess of war.


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