Mala Mujer is a feeling, a free soul born in Tarifa 12 years ago in the heart of the authentic and pure Andalucía, between two seas, Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean, and two continents, Europe and Africa, where it’s nobody business from where you come, where you’re going nor why you came to this place in the world where life is lived with joy in one’s heart.

Our passion for surf and unspoiled nature, combined with living in a VWbus and surviving on spaghettis, inspired a type of comfortable clothing, fresh and pure
cotton, lacking formalities, but full of colour and with the free spirit of someone who lives for the present.

Our logo: the original and good natured “heart with horns” started to spread everywhere and within a couple of months Mala Mujer represented the soul of Tarifa, a symbol of a life style ready to spread across new frontiers.

Hence something more than just a little brand was born; more a Latin collection that crossed the barriers of the sea and the dunes of Tarifa to conquer its way into the urban territory.


Our Address:

Calle de la Luz 2. Tarifa


36.01317050802741, -5.602989231841548