Lost Elementos, the best and the most innovative Kitesurfing school in Tarifa.


All our instructors are IKO certified with one goal in mind – make you a kitesurfer in the fun way. In the modern life style we forget about the most important things in our life- ‘’The Elements’’. We will help you to connect with them in the coolest and most beautiful way.


For us Kitesurfing is not just a sport, it’s a way life and Tarifa its one of the best places in the world to start this great journey.


Everyone knows that if you learn in Tarifa, you can Kitesurf everywhere. With it’s great variety of conditions, from light breeze, to very strong winds and almost flat water to waves, you will become independent and very confident rider in no time.


Being a natural reserve, Tarifa is one of not many untouched by man places in Europe.With wind blowing nearly every single day of the season, it’s almost guaranteed that you will go back home as a kitesurfer and with our ‘’No wind-money back policy’’, it’s no brainer who to chose as a vehicle to your new lifestyle.


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