Los  Melli Tarifa, the bar of the güena people, extreme quality, clean like a whistle, good atmosphere, Camarón present, jokes and ange de Tarifa, flamenquito in the background and very good prices.
Bread male, flamenquines, out of competition; papas bravas, champions of the strait;Sepia croquettes, lingotitos de mar, variety of montaditos, very good wine, beer more than cared for, cheese in oil, ortiguillas at its point, fresh fish from the Mercao and preserves of the land are many of the gastronomic delights that you can enjoy the hand of a great team more than professional in the sector;
The captain of the Ramón bar, in the machine room sends Juani, his assistant Joaquín el Tito, the tables are attended by Piti, his assistant Luz Mari and of course the owner of all Juanma, son of Ramón and Juani, with a great defined personality.
They open work, afternoon / evening, weekends and holidays all day.
Before leaving, do not forget to leave a boat, you will play the seafaring bell, you will have a party and you will be invited to a Muscat!
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