Author: Nieves García Benito
128 pp.
Madrid, 2000

On the way to Tarifa is a collection of stories about a hot topic: the terrible odyssey of men and women in their quest to find, on the other side of the sea, a better world.
This second edition includes a new account, “Benue, the dream of the pregnant woman”.

“Nieves García Benito has written this epic in the first line of the beach and in the first trench of the heart … There are people of flesh and blood, parables of real life, confidences of fugitives, fragments of border and human geographies. This had to be told, and she gave herself up to the task of making a huge fresco, a chopped chopped film, where frankness wins the game of invention. (J. J. Téllez Rubio).

Nieves García Benito (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1951) holds a degree in Geography and History from the University of Barcelona. Active member of the Pro-Human Rights Association of Andalusia, she is also a partner of Greenpeace, in addition to participating in various advocacy platforms. He has written and directed radio programs and is a regular contributor to literary magazines. This is his first book of stories.

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