KTS (Kite Tarifa School) already more than 10 years the Kite School of Tarifa.
Throughout this time we have wanted to teach the sport and convey our passion to those who have trusted our professionalism.
Our professional development has also allowed us to train instructors certified by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation), each year, in fact, we organise specific courses to spread the sport with a high level of security and competence.
If you are interested to discover, learn, improve or specialise in kitesurfing we will be happy to help. Learn more about our kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa or contact us directly on our contact page.
Also for the windless days we offer the possibility not to stay on the ground we now also specialises in the SUP (stand up paddle surfing) or table row and impart mini courses and excursions.
Feel free to contact us, we are eager to help you with your questions.


Our Address:

Calle Mar Adriático 26. Tarifa


36.02378045, -5.61155742374