The gym is next to one of the swimming pools proposing a range of activities to keep you in shape during your holidays.

It is equipped with fitness machines, other training devices, a table tennis table and we even put at your disposal a personal trainer.

If you prefer directed classes, we offer pilates and yoga classes with expert monitors throughout the year. The classes we offer are:

Anusara Yoga:
Anusara (a-nu-sar-a) means “flow with grace”, “follow your heart”.
Anusara yoga is a style of yoga oriented to the heart that follows universal principles of alignment. It is based on the Tantric philosophy according to which life is a gift that must be remembered and celebrated in our yoga practice and in our daily life. It focuses on experiencing happiness and joy.
Anusara classes are usually light-hearted, positive and fun. The use of support accessories is encouraged, making classes accessible to students of different levels.
Anusara is ideal for those who wish to improve their spiritual and physical well-being.


Our Address:

Ctra. N 340 Km. 78. Tarifa


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