The advantages of building a house of solid wood are countless, either a first home, a holiday home, a resort or a building for public use. Our houses are environmentally friendly, comfortable and healthy, integrate harmoniously into the natural environment and are durable, providing satisfaction for several generations.

The houses Honka solid wood are beautiful and functional at the same time. You made using the authentic Finnish pine, the Honka houses are a modern home based on ancient traditions. Its manufacturing process is totally organic and the result is a very efficient home from the energy point of view. In addition, Honka houses are designed to suit the customer’s needs, so your home Honka will look and functionality of the house of your dreams.

The HonkaFusion™ concept meets the demand for implantable ecological housing in the urban environment. This new concept allows the construction of wood combined with other materials. For example, the backbone may be of solid wood and stone facade or other coating. It is the ideal solution even in the city.

The design of the cabins Honka solid wood is inspired by the warmth and functionality. After all, a holiday or weekend should be to relax and enjoy. Each Honka solid wood house is beautiful, green and inviting, the perfect place for your moments of rest.

Regional projects are one of the most dynamic areas of our operations in recent years . In combination with our network of local partners , we can successfully address major projects anywhere in the world , from Finland to Russia, Japan or America, and at any point in Europe and Spain . The basis of our success is anchored in the commitment to the spot , beside client from the beginning and forever.

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