It is the pilot of a larger project called GlocalEcosystem which aims to create a network of centers collaborate organically sharing global resources of all kinds as franchises but decentralized testing. Each Ecocenter has a complete and exclusively local focus and can contribute to the network in a different way.

It provides resources to citizens to develop their projects independently under the umbrella and through the support of the cooperative.

All in all modern cultures and ancient civilizations gather around the hearth, fire, food, therefore the heart of the Eco is your cocina.Y one of its features is that it is open all day, every day.

The center is divided into sections that act independently and have their income statement and its user group. At the moment the main sections are:

restaurant: organic and vegetarian
Tags: food, cosmetics, books, yoga, etc …
the holistic center
the point of information Ecoservicios addition to the services for members as loan books and movies, offers information related organizations and services of other companies in the region related to sustainability.

We have bikes for rent and parking for bikes.


Our Address:

Calle San Sebastián 6. Tarifa


36.0144848761, -5.60577961723