Author: Ángel J. Sáez Rodriguez

In 1782, Britain was beaten on all fronts. George Washington had defeated her in North America; Bernardo de Gálvez in Florida; Crillon in Menorca.

The military engineer Marco Agnelli arrives from Mahón to his homeland to participate in the Great Siege with which the army of Carlos III intends to take the rock of Gibraltar, a company that seems impossible because of its excellent defenses.

All the heroism and misery of an age are presented to the reader, in an almost cinematographic sequence, between the ups and downs of adventure, sacrifice, love and betrayal, changing and unforeseen like the wind of Levante.

A novel of action and intrigue, where friendship, unleashed passions and loyalties to different countries and flags face, in the grandiose scenery of the bay of Algeciras or Gibraltar, its mountains and its people, wrapped in horror from the war.


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