Commercial Linares Amado, s.l. we are a family business with more than 30 years of experience in the field of pest control, and our company policy is based on the following 5 pillars:


  • Commitment , our staff will try to solve your problem as if it were ours.

  • Absence of commercials , in our company we believe that the best publicity is the one given to us by our clients by talmotivo we do not have commercials destined to attract new clients.

  • Sincerity , our technical staff will always inform you with full rigor of the resolution of your problem, we will never sell anything that we can not meet.

  • Professionalism , the combination of the best products, the best equipment and a dedicated and dedicated staff result in a high quality service.

  • Honesty , in our company we are dedicated to solving problems, we will never recommend a treatment that you do not need.

    Among our services we mainly emphasize the disinsection against American cockroach and German cockroach, rodent control treatments, wood treatments, and cleaning and disinfection of water tanks to control legionellosis.


Our Address:

Poligono, Tarifa


36.0152578, -5.606681500000036