CMS PROYECTOS DEL SUR is a company based in TARIFA, Cádiz -Avenida de Andalucía 10 Local Ground Floor D, (11380) -, which develops both technical projects and studies relating to land and buildings, as well as the services of a real estate agency.

In response to this double profile, it is structured around two sections -CMS TECHNICAL OFFICE and CMS AGENCIA INMOBILIARIA / REAL ESTATE-, which, although operating autonomously, support and complement each other, taking advantage, in doing so, of the opportunities and synergy offered by a space common work and shared information.

The expression PROYECTOS DEL SUR, first of all the territory in which CMS carries out its work – our company initially extends its activity to the field of the Campo de Gibraltar – but also wants to recognize the SUR as a value, and to illustrate a new way of operating, and the imprint – warm, affable, transparent – for which we would like to be identified as a company.

CMS TECHNICAL OFFICE, develops, among other works:
· Projects and building works, new architecture and rehabilitation.
· Projects and urban studies, prior to real estate / architectural initiatives.
· Studies, Reports, Certifications … related to building and soil.
· Valuations and valuations, of rustic and urban properties.

CMS AGENCIA INMOBILIARIA / REAL ESTATE, provides, among others, the following services:
· Management and promotion of real estate, land and building.
· Sales and rentals, of all types of real estate.
· Studies of economic viability and financial mediation.
· Resolution of real estate conflicts


Our Address:

Avenida de Andalucía, 10. Tarifa


36.0140919, -5.605020700000068