This is the reference waves west of Tarifa. Sewers conditions have made it a very popular place to go for great surfing waves. Caños Beach, east of the lighthouse of Trafalgar, in front of the beach built apartments is the place of concentration. On the sandy beach there is an entrance to the water easily identifiable between rocks at low tide to enter and exit the water. Surfable there before several peaks rise face east wind. The jumps are high when the east wind blows hard and ramps increase in size. Sewers operate normally when the east wind is strong in Tarifa and takes several days blowing. But it is not a fixed rule. On the windward side of the beach, the waves break less, but it is very difficult to leave the rocks. Although sometimes there is no choice. Sewers waves work with the tides, so you must pay attention to them not to miss the best time of the day. The east wind starts to fall before Canos in Tarifa, so if Canos does not work, go back to Tarifa to see if it still holds.


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