In the third century B.C., the province of Cadiz falls into the hands of the Romans who already controlled the Guadalquivir Valley, this would be the beginning of a prosperous era of great importance within the empire. The footprint of the importance achieved today is perceptible in the countless scattered throughout the province, theaters, burial grounds, sewers, aqueducts, roads, fish factories, walls remains, and from which were exported to Rome wine, oil and salted fish.

This memory of Romanization is particularly vivid in the capital Cadiz, Gades old, it was the birthplace of the mother of Emperor Hadrian, the famous agronomist June Moderato Columella and family Balbo potentates. Claudia Baelo in Bologna Cove (Tarifa), famous for its factories in which elaborated the “garum” so prized by gourmets of the time. Along with these other cities prospered urbanos- Asido nuclei, Carteia, Asta Regia, Iptuci, Ocuri- who witness a magnificent last stage of this province.

Though they are many and varied, the remains of Roman culture that can be found scattered throughout the gaditano map, we suggest two separate tours of the coast and the provincial interior, with visits to the most representative archaeological sites whose best educational ons found in abundant funds from this historical period are exhibited, especially in the Museum of Cadiz and Jerez Archaeological Museum.


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