The Clean Point occupies an area of ​​approximately 2,500 square meters and has waste containers of different types such as furniture, wood, debris, appliances or bulky packaging. The set comes complete with specific deposits for special waste (oil, batteries, solvents, batteries, electrical equipment, fluorescent and mercury vapor lamps, etc.).
Clean Point is a municipal facility adequately equipped for the reception and temporary storage of certain waste generated in the home that can not be deposited in ordinary containers. so common materials in our homes as traces of paint or varnish, obsolete electronic equipment or a single cell battery are pollutants that without proper treatment can be harmful to our health and the environment and whose harmful effects can be maintained for many years.

Clean Points

The collection points are key to the development of the rules governing the management of equipment and waste electrical and electronic equipment components. By this arrangement the Board intends to enhance its separate collection, encourage the creation of groups of authorized management and strengthen the construction of infrastructure for treatment.
Community law requires Member countries the obligation to adequately treat the waste, so the introduction of facilities for treatment or recovery of reusable products is necessary; as well as recycling centers, transfer stations and fitness centers.
For its part, the Regional Management Act Environmental Quality’s priority is reducing the production of waste at source, reuse and recycling. The final destination of waste should be directed to recovery, promoting the recovery of materials and depositing waste in landfills where there are no viable alternatives. According to this regional standard, municipalities must have clean for separate collection of household origin points.


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