General nformation of Airports in Spain

Aena, S.A. (Formerly Aena Aeropuertos, SA) is a state corporation that manages the airports and heliports Spanish general interest. Through its subsidiary Aena Internacional also participates in the management of 16 airports in different countries.
Aena Aeropuertos, S.A. It was created in December 2010 by Royal Decree-Law 13/2010. In July 2014 he became known as Aena, S.A.
The Council of Ministers approved on July 4, 2014 a new regulatory framework and airport supervision to ensure quality of service and maintenance of all the Aena network and promote the economic development and competitiveness of the sector through freeze rates until 2025.

Aena is the first airport operator in the world by number of passengers. More than 590 million passed through Spanish airports over the past three years.


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