Dear Wise Kings

Dear Wise Kings

Dear wise kings:

We don’t know very well how to write you at all. This is the first time we do so. If we are writing this letter is because a woman coming from a far land has told us a legend about all of you.

She also told us she believes on that legend and that and she always expects the arrival of your gifts with a lot of joy and enthusiasm.

If we are all together writing this letter is because we trust her and all that she tells us.

Truth is, it is very unusual to hear all that she has told us about your powers. We have never seen anything about what she has shared with us. Maybe it is our fault because we have never written to all of you, as the kids from the occident usually do.
It’s normal that all of you don’t know where we are. We are just in the opposite side of your way to the occident.

We were scared to ask you all what we came up with, but our friend, who will send the letter, has encouraged us to do so by telling us that everything is possible.

As we are so many, we have all gathered our wishes in one wish. We have come to the conclusion that besides serving more the kids, we would like to have a Preschool.

Perhaps it is too big to carry it on your camels because it’s bigger than just the regular toys that other kids usually ask for.

We know that we have to be good in order for our wish to be fulfilled. We can’t offer you things as the children in the occident. We can’t leave you “turrones” and “sweets”. We can’t leave you food for your camels. We also understand that it might be difficult for you to find a place to leave the gift. We will not have shoes or Christmas trees, electricity, ornaments or even a home.

The only thing we can promise you is that if you all come here, we will share with you all that we will have in that moment and we will welcome you with all our hearts.
The untouchable kids from India.

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