Visiting Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a destination that has attracted visitors for centuries. Few places in the world that can match the impressive physical presence of the Rock should be very. Gibraltar is located in a strategic location, at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, presiding over the Strait of Gibraltar, and connected to Spain by a narrow isthmus. Despite its imposing appearance, Gibraltar has reduced dimensions, only six square kilometers make up the entire territory. The Rock has a maximum height of 426 meters above sea level. It is the only place in Europe where monkeys live in freedom in a semi-wild state, which shows the existing natural wealth in Gibraltar, outcropping with its subtropical climate. Last of Gibraltar is engraved in the very limestone that makes up the Rock, as happens with the customs of the people: British, Arabs, Genoese, Portuguese, Spanish, Jewish, Maltese, Indian, …a fascinating mix of cultures they have left their mark along the rich and tumultuous history of the place, which begins in the Neanderthal era. Today, Gibraltar offers possibilities for everyone, starting with archaeological treasures, or the possibility of shopping at much lower prices thanks to its wide variety of shops and restaurants. It is also the perfect choice for business travel and trade.

The main attractions are located in the upper area of ​​the mountain,

· St. Michael’s Cave / Cave of San Miguel
· Apes’ Den / Den Monkeys
· Great Siege Tunnels / Great Siege Tunnels
· World War II Tunnels / Tunnels World War II
· 9.2 “Gun, O’Hara’s Battery / Cannon 9.2” Battery O’Hara
· City under Siege Exhibition / Besieged City
· Moorish Castle / Moorish Castle
In the city and in the suburbs, there are also attractions worth visiting and these are:
· Casemates Square (entertainment area with bars and restaurants)
· Main Street and downtown, the main shopping area
· Arts and Crafts Centre and Fine Arts Gallery / Center for Art and Crafts and Fine Arts Gallery
· Gibraltar Crystal / Crystal Factory
· American War Memorial / Monument American
· Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned / Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned
· Synagogue Great Synagogue and Flemish / Flemish Synagogue Great Synagogue and
· Gibraltar Museum / Museo de Gibraltar
· King’s Bastion Leisure Centre / King’s Bastion Leisure Centre
· Cathedral of the Holy Trinity / Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
· St. Andrew’s Church / Church of San Andrés
· Garrison Library / Library Garrison
· King’s Chapel / La Capilla del Rey

· Trafalgar Cemetery / Trafalgar Cemetery
· Catalan Bay
· Marine / Port Sports: Ocean Village and Queensway Quay
· The Dolphins
· Botanic Gardens and Wildlife Park / Botanical Gardens and Park Nature
· Nelson’s Anchorage and 100 Ton Gun / anchorage Nelson and Canyon 100 tons
· Shrine of our Lady of Europe / The Chapel of Our Lady of Europe
· Trinity House Lighthouse / El Faro
· Monument to General Sikorski
To visit the high mountain area known as ‘The Upper Rock’ with a group, you must purchase local transportation and park your coach in the coach terminal in Gibraltar: The following companies inform them directly about prices and details of required trips:

Tel: +350 20050932
Fax: +350 20076189
Tel: +350 20076226
Fax: +350 20047935
Tel: +350 20070052
Fax: +350 20076986
Tel: +350 20076070
Fax: +350 20040054
Tel: +350 20079773
Fax: +350 20076986
Tel: +350 20047444
Fax: +350 20041660
Peñon’s visit can also be performed on the cable car ‘Cable Car’ this method must move on foot to the various attractions found in the upper area of ​​the mountain. Or just make the trip back and forth to see the magnificent views and monkeys. For prices of the attractions and hours of opening we have offered a separate document to this so-called ‘Opening Times and Prices’.
Another visit that is above the Peñón but you have to pay separate entry, are the tunnels of World War II. There are over 52km of tunnels inside the Rock – this visit includes a small part of them but it is very interesting and well prepared, email is
Another attraction in the center of the city is the King’s Bastion Leisure Centre, a novelty dedicated to leisure and youth. Within these historic walls are an ice rink, a bowling alley, cinema screens and other activities and restaurants catering for large groups, more details on this contact: this great place that is the King’s Bastion with a beautiful park located at the bottom of ancient muralles, called Commonwealth Park, free entry is connected.
El museo de Gibraltar, es una visita también bien merecida y aquí se emite un cortometraje de 15 minutos (en inglés). Para más información sobre la visita al museo y entradas le sugiero que contacte:

Gibraltar también ofrece zonas de playa y dos puertos deportivos con bares, restaurantes y unos barcos que le llevan a la bahía a ver los delfines.

· Dolphin Adventure:
· Dolphin Safari:

Para más información sobre que ofrece Gibraltar al visitante por favor consulte el documento adjunto llamado “información general”. Nuestra página web también ofrece información detallada en inglé

Le recordamos que documentación sería necesaria para cruzar la frontera: la presentación por cada persona de su DNI o pasaporte en el control de policía a la entrada y salida. (Un libro de familia no facilitará acceso). Menores de edad viajando solos o acompañados por adultos que no son los padres deben presentar su pasaporte. Más información sobre visados de diferentes nacionalidades para entra en Gibraltar se encuentra en la siguiente página: