The Algarbes Necropolis is one of the most important archaeological ensembles of the province of Cádiz dating back to the Bronze Age (end of III century B.C.).

It has eight artificial caves in the shape of a circular chamber with entryways on different levels and two of them, nearly identical in symmetrical disposition, flank an ample corridor carved in sandstone. The latter correspond, due to the structure, to a big threshold related to megalithic burial grounds under a covered gallery.

The ten burial tombs may be divided in two groups. Those with a vertical entry, in the fashion of wells or grain storage silos, belong to the first group; and to the second, the vaulted ones with a side access may be adscribed. The archaeological site also houses a tomb that wholly differs from the former. It is an anthropomorphic tomb possibly assigned to a children burial.

The necropolis has been excavated in its totality by Carlos Posac Mon during the years 1967 to 1972 and the findings are of great value. Among these were found lots of ceramic urns. Pieces of bronze, ebony and gold have also been documented, as well as stone utensils, carved or polished, and ornamental objects such as pendants and perforated discs made from sea shells. Several lived in caves are found in the proximity and those were inhabited until 1930 approximately. An Islamic necropolis is also nearby.

Visits are arranged via Arqueoroutes:

[email protected] / +34 695 616 623

For more information, please liaise with the Provincial Culture Delegation of the Andalucía Government.

C/ Isabel la Católica, 13,11071, Cádiz, Tel: +34 956 21 23 61.

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