Tarifa has two natural parks, the “Los Alcornocales” Natural Park and “El Estrecho” Natural Park, also called “Parque Litoral”. Of these, “Los Alcornocales” is the most recommended for hiking as there are routes for all levels.

“Los Alcornocales”, the largest cork oak forest in Spain and one of the most highlighted in the world, is a lung in the province of Cadiz, a conglomerate of saws in perfect condition.

Throughout its 165,000 hectares you can find all kinds of birds of prey, from kestrels to milanos (during migration) or vultures, wild horses with their foals, donkeys, pigs, goats, deer, retintas or Swiss cows, among other species; trees that have succumbed to the force of release or fantastic views of the Strait of Gibraltar. On a clear day, the view is more impressive if it fits with the vision of all the Moroccan Atlas.

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