Beneath the waves Tarifa keeps one of its greatest attractions. One of the most famous underwater orographies Europe

The waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, home to important natural values, so in this area still discoveries of new species for science occur. They have counted more than 1,900 species of flora and fauna, the most frequent and important loggerhead turtle, dolphin or porpoise.

This place is ideal for diving, enjoying extensive seagrass beds, indicators of environmental water quality.

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Discover the world of diving with its fauna, flora, colors and textures so particular. Enter the world of diving and will enjoy relaxing places where recargaras your energy and your senses. Consultation courses at our school provided weekly Buceo.…

Aventura Marina was established in 1997 with the aim of promoting active and eco-tourism, nature lover and preserve as much as possible the rich fauna of our coasts, particularly those of the so appreciated as mammals are cetaceans. We investigated…

Discover Adventures of the South We are located in Andalusia, in front of the African coasts, in a beautiful Natural Park with mountains, fields and beaches. The aldéa in which we find ourselves is called Betis, between Tarifa and Bologna where you…