The Bolonia dune, towering over a height of 30+ meters and 200 metres width, is the showcase of the sand dune set to which it belongs. It is in the Bolonia inlet, within the Strait Natural Park, a place which has suffered less from the urban transformation and development of the Cadiz coast and thereby being of great natural value and boasting beautiful scenery.

The ensemble, known as ‘barjanal’ due to the formation of half-moon dunes that run perpendicular to the wind and with uneven slopes, is one of the few Andalousian transgressive formations, that is, one of the few that continues to push inland. Fed by the east wind, the dunes progress towards the pine nut woodlands that has been regrown with the use of bushes and which is considered to be of great ecological value.
From the pathway Bolonia-Camarinal Lighthouse you can see the big beach and the white and golden sand of fine grain. The beach is mostly unspoilt and is not typically frequented by surf goers, it has a lighthouse, the giant cauldrons and the archaeological ensemble of Baelo Claudia. This roman city-factory has been declared a National Historic Monument and it surprises people because it is very well preserved.
Diving is also recommended in nearby spots where you can see the subaquatic karstic formation.

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