Tarifa is world wide famous because of water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing. Its spots are considered by fans as the best in the world. However, we recommend you to be careful if you are not an experienced with strong wind, because it requires a high level.

If you want to learn, there are many schools that offer a wide variety of courses, depending on your ability to learn. Tarifa offers thw opportunity to practice other outdoor sports, like hiking, sea fishing or diving.

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School is part Dos Mares Dos Mares Hotel located 5 km west of Tarifa in a unique natural environment in the Strait of Gibraltar off the coast of the continent africano.Las weather conditions of sun and wind along with its extensive beaches white…

Tarifa Air Force – Kitesurf School Windsurfing, SUP and Surf in Tarifa (Cádiz). It offers courses, accommodations and above all…. good experiences! To make a course Kitesurfing, Windsurfing or Paddle Surf no matter your age or physical…