No Gluten, No Lactose.. In Tarifa

Are you coming to Tarifa but have food allergies and are worried about finding places to eat here? The first The first thing you should do is obviously ask the waiter if you have any doubts (and you should ALWAYS have doubts, even foods that seem like they SHOULD be allergen free are not) hopefully […]

Santa Catalina Castle

I still remember my first time in Tarifa, it was so impressive to see that beautiful castle beside the sea. Under a sky brushed with clouds it looks even more sttuning. Here´s a site reminding us how Tarifa was always an strategic location between two continents. Santa Catalina castle dates from the beginning of the […]

Sunset in paradise

Pictures from my favourite place to enjoy sunset in Tarifa. Jara River. I go frecuently to enjoy sunsets to Jara River from my I moved to Tarifa in January. Is my relaxing moment to get the place walking around the sea and after taking pictures from the sand. Colors of the sky are so lovely […]