Dear Wise Kings

Dear wise kings: We don’t know very well how to write you at all. This is the first time we do so. If we are writing this letter is because a woman coming from a far land has told us a legend about all of you. She also told us she believes on that legend […]


Surviving Tarifa is complicated. For myself, this has been impossible ever since I discovered it. An instant love affair, a drug, an inspiration. She got hooked into my heart, she became the first in line… And nothing has taken her place since. Some years ago, I came here because I needed a vacation of sun […]

I was learning to sail!

The summer has softly arrived. And with the summer, our mind has started to think about beaches, pools, long days, rest time, lunches, talks until dusk, bonding with family and friends; this is the time for rewards, it is the leisure time when you can enjoy your people and the longed for holidays. I remember […]